Handicap Categories
Buffer Zone
Incomplete Cards and No Returns

















Handicap Categories
Handicaps are divided into the following Categories:

Category 1     Handicaps of 5 or less
Category 2     Handicaps of 6 to 12 inclusive
Category 3     Handicaps of 13 to 20 inclusive
Category 4     Handicaps of 21 to 28 inclusive
Category 5     Handicaps of 29 to 36 inclusive


Buffer Zone
A score is within a player’s Buffer Zone when a Nett Differential is within the following bands for his Handicap Category:

Category 1:     0 to +1
Category 2:     0 to +2
Category 3:     0 to +3
Category 4:     0 to +4
Category 5:     0 to +5

Incomplete Cards and No Returns

(a) All cards must be returned, whether complete or not.

(b) It is expected that every player who enters an 18 hole Qualifying Competition intends to complete the round.

(c) Since an incomplete card and a No Return may have the effect of increasing a player’s handicap, the club would be justified in refusing to accept a card or record a No Return when the player has walked in after playing only a few holes.

(d) Cards should not be issued to players when there is obviously insufficient light for them to complete the round.

(e) Sympathetic consideration should be given to players who have had to discontinue play for any cause considered to be reasonable by the organising committee.

(f) Clauses 17 and 19 of this System give clubs the discretion to deal with players who persistently submit incomplete cards or make " No Returns" if they consider they are attempting to ‘build a handicap’.